camquake - a quake client for moviemakers

thin client - a quake client for the ascii enthusiast yes! a screenshot who would have thought that - a perl script to remove colorcodes in qw traffic (i am still sorry for this :{) and if you know your qw protocol you can do this (renzos comment on this: "an eye model with fullbright skins is more visible")

ttf in fodquake - some screenshots of an ongoing project. TrueTypeFonts in fodquake. (fodquake is a registered trademark of the almighty bigfoot)

mvd parser - an mvd parser with mysql interface (not finished kinda)

qwstart - a script to start quakeworld from qw:// links - a python script to extract file from quake pak files - a python script to extract textures from a quake bsp file

pakfs - mount pak files via fuse

random screenshots

blackops windowed fullscreen tool - a little tool that will make 'call of duty: black ops' running in window mode appear to be fullscreen

some music
jogihoogi at gmx dot net - dont expect an answer tho